The post about vehicles in Team Fortress 2.

10:40 < xeno> The problem is the people, really.
10:40 < xeno> Stalker Online would be awesome if everyone playing was there to play Stalker Online
10:40 < xeno> But most of them are going to be there to be assholes
10:41 < solios> yeah
10:41 * solios whistfully whistfuls about WET for a moment
10:42 < xeno> WET++
10:42 < xeno> I missed vehicles, but it was great nonetheless
10:42 < xeno> Then there was ET:QW :|
10:42 < solios> ftn
10:42 < xeno> And it *had* vehicles.
10:42 < xeno> It was utter crap.
10:43 < solios> yeah, well
10:43 < solios> the in-game bits were based on q4
10:43 < xeno> Really, the last good online shooter afaic was bf1942 with the Eve of Destruction mod
10:43 < solios> so.
10:43 < xeno> everything since has sucked
10:43 < solios> heh.
10:43 < xeno> tf2 notwithstanding
10:43 < xeno> that’s a different type of game, more an arcade than anything
10:44 < solios> I guess this is the part where I paste “I’d enjoy multiplayer if it were possible to play against people that played it as often as I do (eg almost never) instead of fat suburban neckbeards that don’t do anything else.”
10:44 < xeno> and tf3 should have vehicles too dammit
10:44 < xeno> even with the corny atmosphere of tf2
10:44 < solios> tf2++
10:44 < xeno> The scout would get a mountain bike.
10:44 < solios> even if I haven’t played it in forever
10:44 < xeno> With scythes on the sides like old chariots
10:44 < solios> spy would get a vespa
10:44 < xeno> als;kdfj;as
10:45 < xeno> YES.



Following up:

20:57 < mdxi> TOAST REPORT: Laura: the bread was homemade, it was DELICIOUS, better than any bread you can get from most bakeries
20:58 < mdxi> Laura: they toast the bread in a regular slot toaster
20:58 < mdxi> Laura: and then they absolutely FROST the top with butter, and then dump a sahara of cinnamon on top
20:58 < mdxi> Laura: they also take the knife and poke holes in the bread after slathering it with butter, to get the butter to melt
20:58 < mdxi> Laura: was it tasty?
20:58 < mdxi> Laura: yes
20:58 < mdxi> Laura: would I go back? yes
20:58 < mdxi> Laura: would I order the toast? yes. but maybe light on the butter.
20:58 < mdxi> Laura: the bread totally made up for it
21:02 < ejp> \o/
21:04 < ejp> good cinnamon toast is a marvelous thing
21:06 < mdxi> now we can tell esch that while hipsters may be all over it, it’s quite good toast
21:06 < mdxi> also, the coffee is good

Day changed to 23 Mar 2014

07:58 < esch> thanks guys, now I have a toast-on.

Ted Cruz

18:53 < solios> fagbot: Cruz is also a four-letter word for gayness
18:53 < fagbot> OK, solios
18:53 < xeno> ejp: I also have pickled cipollini onions
18:53 < xeno> they seemed like a good idea at the time
18:53 < solios> fagbot: Ted Cruz is also a 7-letter word for small, squeezy boobs
18:53 < fagbot> OK, solios
18:53 < xeno> solios: since the federd;lakjfsdlkajhsdf
18:53 < xeno> asasdkflhgnedjn
18:53 < xeno> fdjhk
18:54 < xeno> sfo
18:54 < xeno> l
18:54 < xeno> .
18:55 < solios> xeno: go on, finish your thought.
18:55 < xeno> ,
18:56 < xeno> aaaaaand, tits
18:56 < xeno> *badumdum*


18:54 < rjbs> Helix. We gonna watch it?
21:33 < solios> It may get better.
21:33 < solios> I saw the first three episodes.
21:33 < solios> “boring” is an inoffensive description for it
21:35 < solios> Alien does the bits they took from Alien better; Regenesis did the bits they took from Regenesis better; The Thing does the bits they took from The Thing better, and The Andromeda Strain (the original) does epidemiology better
21:35 < solios> in short its influences are obvious and superior
21:35 < solios> though it beats the crap out of the remake of The Andromeda Strain
21:38 < solios> It’s also got the politician from The Killing in it
21:38 < solios> which made me want to watch that again
21:38 < solios> (The Killing is pretty good)

04:16 < rjbs> I forget that they remade Andromeda Strain.
05:19 < esch> ugh was it good
05:21 < rjbs> sounds like no, since solios said a lousy scifi show “Beat the pants off” it

< esch> I’m going out there to drink their beer and hate their toasts.

11:44 < ejp>
11:51 < mdxi> this is a parody, right? like the How To Sharpen Pencils video?
11:53 < ejp> I’m pretty sure this is entirely real
11:54 < esch> are those tattoos on her cheeks
11:55 < ejp> yes they are
11:56 < xeno> fagbot: doot people, and “people”:
11:56 < fagbot> Sentences Never Heard On Earth Before: I’m sorry I got your D&D character laid last night.
11:56 < xeno> indeed
11:57 < esch> Why all the toast? “Tip of the hipster spear,” he said.
11:57 < esch> I’m going to piss.
11:58 < esch> this toast looks like shit toast-3
11:58 < esch> fuck that toast.
12:00 < solios> hah
12:00 -!- solios changed the topic of #loc to: < esch> fuck that toast. | < mdxi> without getting into the issues of the porn barrel and such
12:05 < ejp> that’s not toast. that’s half a loaf and a blowtorch
12:05 < solios> awesome.
12:06 < solios> ejp: I ignored your link and it popped up on facebook.
12:06 < solios> fucking toast.
12:09 < mdxi> “No one can be mad at toast.”
12:09 < mdxi> she hasn’t met esch, clearly
12:09 < solios> indeed
12:10 * solios evacuates #arrakis, nukes SF from orbit
12:11 < ejp> solios: YOU CAN’T STOP THE TOAST
12:11 < solios> I CAN TRY
12:11 < esch> I’m going to SF in a couple weeks
12:11 < ejp> TRY THE TOAST
12:11 < esch> I’m gonna go to this toast place and get toast and then drop it and stomp and spit
12:11 < solios> kick them in the nuts and take their toast money
12:12 < ejp> esch: you’ll piss off the hipsters. and then they’ll, uh, something
12:12 < solios> Just tell me one thing, esch.
12:12 < solios> You’re going out there to destroy them, right?
12:12 < solios> Not to study.
12:12 < solios> Not to bring back.
12:12 < solios> But to wipe them out.
12:12 < esch> I’m going out there to drink their beer and hate their toasts.
12:13 < solios> All right, I’m in.

12:24 < xeno> #loc++
12:25 < esch> I want that on my headstone.
12:25 < esch> RIP, here lies esch: he drank beer and hated toasts.

Ice Ice Baby


12:32 < solios> xeno: if it wasn’t for the goddamned ice I wouldn’t care either way.
12:32 < ejp> ice ice baby
12:33 < solios> jdhkgjjjjjasssssssssslaaaa
12:38 < xeno> ICE ICE BABY
12:38 < solios> XD


14:07 < mdxi> Reading in the flesh means we take the surface neither as an obstacle to deeper secrets nor as an end in itself, but as a densely intricate mixture of evidence and sign. This is despite the immediate allure of depth reading, which frequently allows us to get past misleading elements of a narrative’s self-presentation: is something else at work here? . . . Digging into the surface is crucial to reading in the flesh. . . . Surface and depth are coextens
14:07 < mdxi> WHAT
14:09 < solios> collapses into total wank at “densely intricate”
14:12 < mdxi> this, by the way, is from the foreword to a journal of medieval studies
14:12 < ejp> it’s very nearly english.
14:13 < ejp> in much the same way the chimps are very nearly human.
14:14 < mdxi> hang on, i think there’s more
14:14 < mdxi> Grappling both with the “post” and the medhyo or “middle/medium” of post-medieval, this issue turns on a series of questions and explorations of the notion of “becoming-media” within and in conversation with medieval and early modern contexts. Becoming-media refers in one sense to our dependence on the recursive circuitry and tangle of technologies, bodies, narratives, spaces, and mediating technics, across historical periods and across lite
14:15 < mdxi> these people totally just make shit up
14:15 < mdxi> there’s no way any of this is real
14:15 < solios> wat
14:15 < ejp> ooh, QUOTES!
14:15 < solios> the only reason to write that slovenly is to see if your editor is awake
14:15 < solios> and not a moran
14:15 < mdxi> i want to believe that this is all generated by a lisp program hooked up to a lithotype machine
14:16 < ejp> solios: “no” is the apparent answer to either/both of those
14:16 < solios> indeed
14:16 < solios> mdxi: whatever it is, it’s probably not turing complete
14:17 < mdxi> but then, from another issue’s description:
14:17 < mdxi> The essays in this cluster consider the roles illness and disability play in the constructions of social identity across the premodern world, from Anglo-Saxon England to thirteenth-century western Europe, fifteenth-century Cairo, and early modern Britain. In raising particular questions of health, madness, (de)form(ation), healing, and community from multiple disciplinary viewpoints – religious and cultural history, literary theory and analysis, musicol
14:17 < mdxi> that’s perfectly straightforward and lucid
14:18 < solios> mdxi: sprawling but cogent
14:18 < mdxi> it can even be summarized: “what role did disability play in shaping medieval cultures?”, which means that it’s comprehensible
14:18 < ejp> those sort of things always sprawl a bit
14:18 < mdxi> i can’t begin to reword those other things
14:18 < solios> POST-MEDIEVAL
14:18 < solios> that’s my takeaway
14:18 < ejp> mdxi: that’s because nobody worded them to begin with
14:18 < solios> somebody piped tex into /dev/random/
14:19 < mdxi> more like /dev/wank
14:19 < ejp> your unix has things mine doesn’t
14:19 < solios> it’s like some kind of horrible crossbreed of a turing test and a lorem ipsum
14:19 < mdxi> it’s shit like this that makes people loathe the “soft sciences”
14:19 < solios> ejp: probably got installed when he compiled emacs

Rock Me Tonite


08:23 < fagbot> YouTube: YouTube – Rock Me Tonite – Billy Squier (HQ Audio)
08:23 < solios> < nicole> When I think I’m a failure in life, I just watch this video and think: At least I didn’t make this video.
08:25 < xeno> fagbot: doot solios linking a youtube video
08:25 < fagbot> …and that, children, is how to clean and load a .38 revolver. Questions?
08:25 < xeno> solios: we’re all obligated to ignore it, you know that right?
08:31 < mdxi> if you dissect it a bit, that one was probably pretty successful. it’s very stylish (for the period). it’s a bit abstract, which was trendy. it’s just one set, dressed two ways, with one tracking camera, one crane camera, and possibly one handheld, so costs were low.
08:31 < solios> :D
08:31 < xeno> and almost said something, but then remembered i already knew that
08:31 < solios> awesome.
08:31 < xeno> fagbot: doot mdxi
08:31 < fagbot> you can see how upset it makes me
08:31 < xeno> indeed
08:31 < mdxi> it’s mostly just billy squier, which is also cheap, and makes all the girlies who liked billy squier happy
08:32 < mdxi> and THEN
08:32 < solios> mdxi++
08:32 < xeno> It’s times like this I realize how lucky I actually was growing up with only classical music (or my parents’ shitty country or christian radio stations)
08:32 < mdxi> if you want, you can look at it as a storyline. he’s singing about having sex with someone, but no one is there. and there’s these freeze-frames during musical climaxes, one with a hip thrust and one with a shirt ripping
08:33 < xeno> Because I missed almost all of the crap.
08:33 < mdxi> i think this video is about billly squier spending a night furiously masturbating alone
08:33 < mdxi> it’s an autobiographical piece

Lock your harnesses, this is out of my hands.

Quick and dirty test of Jetpack’s Post by Email. The timing on this is fantastic – I was going to test with a crappy phone photo of The Core (lulz) but my phone camera seems to have finally kicked it.

South Millvale

Turns out the camera still works, it just can’t handle THE CORE. LoC shouldn’t have to either, so I’ll stick with the gloom.

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