01:03 <@xeno_druxx0r> I'm a goddamned genius.

01:03 < @xeno_druxx0r> Why didn't someone tell me?


Game Multiplayer Type # Players Installed? Notes
Alien Swarm Co-Op 4 No Smash TV.
Bioshock 2 Seven friggin’ game modes. Up to 10 (2 teams of 5) Yes See here.
Black Mesa Deathmatch Dunno Yes-ish It’s Half-Life 1 deathmatch, basically.
Borderlands Co-Op 4 Yes Have all DLC
Borderlands 2 Co-Op 4 Yes Have Tiny Tina’s DLC
Brutal Legend Varies 1-4 Yes See here.
Civilization V Who Knows 12? Something like that. No It’s turn-based.
Goat Simulator Local only. 2? Yes Goats.
GTA 5 Co-Op 4 of course. 2019 Huge.
Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod I have no idea Tons Apparently Yes Chaos. No actual game goals.
Left 4 Dead Co-Op 4 (duh) No Fucking zombies.
Left 4 Dead 2 Co-Op 4 (duh) No Fucking zombies.
Orion: Prelude Tons of game modes. 5 for Co-Op Yes Endless waves of endlessness – TF2 MVM, basically.
Portal 2 Co-Op 2 Yes There are multiplayer achievements.
Quake 2 Co-Op or Deathmatch 4 for Co-Op For the moment. Co-Op with friendly fire? Pass.
Rage Co-Op or Racing 4 for Racing, 2 for Co-Op Yes I seem to be the only person I know who actually enjoyed this game.
Red Faction: Guerilla Several Modes Unclear Yes GTA: Mars. Several multiplayer achievements that require practically living in the game.
Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Co-Op or Deathmatch A Lot Yes Very few co-op achievements.
Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter Co-Op or Deathmatch A Lot Yes SSHD:TSE can be used to play the SSHD:TFE campaign.
Serious Sam 3: BFE Co-Op or Deathmatch A Lot Yes Fucking psychics.
Team Fortress 2 Varies 6 for MVM Yes Haven’t played in years.
Torchlight 2 Co-Op? 6, 8 with an official mod. Yes Requires a Runic account. More info here.


I don’t really care how time is reckoned so long as there is some agreement about it, but I object to being told that I am saving daylight when my reason tells me that I am doing nothing of the kind. I even object to the implication that I am wasting something valuable if I stay in bed after the sun has risen. As an admirer of moonlight I resent the bossy insistence of those who want to reduce my time for enjoying it. At the back of the Daylight Saving scheme I detect the bony, blue-fingered hand of Puritanism, eager to push people into bed earlier, and get them up earlier, to make them healthy, wealthy and wise in spite of themselves. – Robertson Davies

And tell me am I very far?

Counting Blue Cars

And tell me am I very far?

And tell me am I very far?

13:29 <solios> fnv needs a cheev for blowing up all the cars :|
13:29 <xeno> i hate that the cars asploed
13:29 <xeno> because i always forget they asploed
13:29 <xeno> and then they asploed
13:29 <xeno> and then i asploed
13:29 <solios> yeah
13:29 <solios> god
13:29 <solios> I’ve been killed by cars more times in fallout than in just cause :P
13:29 <xeno> :D
13:30 <xeno> damn now i want to go watch that JC3 teaser again
13:30 <xeno> just to listen to that goddamn lounge-y cover of Firestarter :D
13:30 <solios> I’ll hear the bang/pop of the fire starting and then the BLAMMO and it turns out it was, like, way behind me Over There
13:30 <xeno> all mel tourme an shit
13:30 <solios> it’s no biggie in new vegas but in dc if I see a blue car I count that bitch
13:30 <solios> with my gun
13:31 <xeno> asdflkhjasdfgolihajedwsf;kgubvhrwastpedigufhbpqaiwruedfhgvpiusao;ehrfdg;
13:31 <solios> fucking dishwalla
13:31 <xeno> goddammit
13:31 <xeno> shit
13:32 <solios> :D



08:57 < xeno> https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/elite-pcs/the-pi-z0ne/
09:02 < solios> 503
09:11 < xeno> all of kickstarter right now o_o
09:11 < xeno> anyway “I want to develop and design a Supercomputer dedicated to finding the end value of PI at an intense rate of speed and programmed math.
09:12 < solios> (programmed math)++
09:12 < xeno> And he has 23k so far
09:12 < xeno> you’ll love this even more
09:12 < ejp> that’s 23k that should be going to something useful
09:12 < xeno> >Introducing Shadow, the world’s most efficient compression algorithm. Utilizing binary probabilities, Shadow is able to compress data in an unprecedented manner. Shadow is able to compress a 7 gigabyte movie into a mere kilobyte. This magnitude of compression makes it, by an unimaginable factor, the most advanced compression algorithm on the market.
09:13 < ejp> …
09:13 < solios> let me guess it’s lossy compression
09:13 < xeno> lossy wouldn’t even begin to describe it
09:13 < ejp> the last digit of pi is 4.
09:13 < ejp> there, I just did the same thing
09:13 < xeno> ejp: no the last digit is 2
09:13 < ejp> can we settle of 3?
09:13 < ejp> *on
09:13 < solios> I thought pi was exactly 3?
09:14 < ejp> it is. ON BOTH ENDS
09:14 < xeno> sklsjdf
09:14 < solios> XD
09:14 < xeno> ejp++
09:14 < solios> ejp++
09:14 < ejp> that’s where you stick it together.
09:14 < solios> :D
09:14 < xeno> to make a circle
09:14 < xeno> mindblown

Google Image Search for "Tea Shorts"


18:12 <solios> also twinings darjeeling is a bit of all right
18:13 <xeno> if you have a tea you like, twinings version of it will always be superlative
18:13 <solios> it’s still “woody” but it’s, like… hrm. Like if bigelow’s darjeeling was plywood, this is pine.
18:13 <xeno> try twinings lady grey sometime
18:13 <xeno> it is really really nice
18:14 <solios> it said caffeine free so I didn’t
18:14 <solios> but I will at some point
18:14 <solios> since you’ve mentioned it a few times and they do have it
18:14 <xeno> huh.
18:14 <xeno> i didn’t know it was caffeine free
18:14 <xeno> maybe it was a decaff version rather?
18:14 <xeno> http://www.twiningsusa.com/templates/product.aspx?ProductGuid=F05324&GroupGuid=83
18:14 <xeno> also that
18:14 <xeno> that is the best tea i have Ever had
18:15 <xeno> it’s just regular old Tea tea, but so so good
18:15 <solios> the [ uh…. STASH, I had to go look at the box :P ] double bergamot is ++
18:15 <xeno> deep, rich, but also mellow and mild
18:15 <solios> hm
18:15 <solios> I got twinings lemon black tea
18:15 <solios> it actually tastes like lemon
18:15 <xeno> don’t put cream in it!
18:16 <solios> the bigelow black tea with lemon tastes like it came out of a gas chromatograph
18:16 <xeno> or you’ll have tea and ricotta :(
18:16 <solios> the only thing I put cream in is my shorts
18:16 <xeno> i’ve said before, the only thing bigelow makessaldk;fjhsadfhisa
18:16 <xeno> lkasdj
18:16 <xeno> fjw
18:16 <xeno> .
18:16 <solios> :D
18:16 <xeno> goddammit XD
18:16 * solios loses it
18:16 <xeno> the worst part was the visual
18:16 <solios> :D
18:17 <xeno> you standing there, casually pouring a pint of half and half down your pants
18:17 <xeno> < xeno> Uh…
18:17 <xeno> < solios> What?
18:17 <solios> XD
18:17 <xeno> * solios continues pouring
18:17 <xeno> < xeno> I should go.


Re-Anime-tor: Capsule reviews from the Great Anime Binge of Q4 2014

Paste list (since I was asked “what are you watching?” twice during the binge), in rough viewing order: Cowboy Bebop, Gundam Unicorn, Knights of Sidonia, Patlabor, Space Dandy, Gundam 00, Gundam Seed, Attack on Titan, Death Note, Mobile Suite Gundam 0079, Mobile Suite Gundam: 08th MS Team, Code Geas, Gasaraki, Gundam Wing, FLCL, Ergo Proxy, Mobile Fighter G Gundam, Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere, Outlaw Star, Serial Experiments Lain, Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Bodacious Space Pirates, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Star Blazers (US dub of Space Battleship Yamato), Yamato 2199 (subtitled), One Piece (seasons 1-10 of the Funmation dub), Hellsing, Hellsing Ultimate, Appleseed: Alpha, GITS: Second GIG
Continue reading

Interstellar (after)

This is part two of a two part review. Part one is here. The (after) goes to when I wrote it and, if you’re planning on seeing it, probably when you should read this. This is the spoiler warning.

16:57 < interstellios> interstellar++
16:57 -!- You’re now known as solios
17:02 < solios> just like gravity the big gaping derp is the thing that makes it all work
17:03 < solios> unlike gravity, interstellar was a sweet fusion of apocalyptic scifi, linearly non-linear storytelling, and elements of 2001.
17:55 < ejp> gravity isn’t scifi
18:02 < solios> right, neither is interstellar
18:02 < solios> it’s a logical continuation of Nolan Nolaning on from Inception
18:02 < solios> including the tectonically overloud organ dirge
18:03 < solios> (which even actually *fits* in a few places)
18:03 < solios> it has a basic structural similarity to 2001
18:03 < ejp> that fucking thing
18:03 < solios> Martin called it a chick flick :D

The VFX team did not fail to remove the UPMC logo from any exterior shots. The theater, however, dumped a big steaming load of UPMC propaganda in the filler reel that ran before the previews.

Weighing in at roughly three hours, Interstellar is a reasonably intelligent film that’s not without its issues. How these issues shape your viewing enjoyment depends a lot on how you watch movies – if you consider movies to be for entertainment purposes only you’ll be fine. If you remove the most glaring issue the whole thing falls apart, or becomes unreasonably complicated, or both – a willingness to let hollywood be hollywood is key to enjoyment here. Like last year’s blockbuster Gravity this is science fiction in name only. Physics has been reformatted to fit your screen. Scientists don’t like it when hollywood takes liberties with their work; I’m sure cops and lawyers and soldiers and politicians don’t care for it very much either. When handled reasonably “reformatting” can be shrugged off in the interests of narrative efficiency and I’m fine with it as long as a movie gets the basics right. That doesn’t stop me from taking points off for sloppy or insufficiently handwaved work, though. There are some fairly colossal visual continuity issues buried in the background of a key scene, and at one point a thing seems to blow up for no immediately apparent reason other than aforementioned narrative efficiency. That explosion’s brother shows up a few minutes later for similar reasons so I suppose it’s okay – Interstellar isn’t a bloody movie but it is occasionally violent and without fail every violent act serves to reduce the cast, efficiently ejecting their narrative baggage. I have no idea why the launch vehicle needs two stages of rocket to get out of earth’s atmosphere but later pulls out of two different planets that are Danger Close to a black hole using internal thrust, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the average rocketry enthusiast doesn’t either. Ultimately the liberties the film takes with science – a lot of it forgivable on the presumption that in hollywood facts are for entertainment purposes only – dilute what is a fundamentally emotional message. A message the people that won’t notice the niggly little science issues will receive, loud and clear.

Read as an homage to 2001 or as a reworking of thematic elements of Sunshine, Interstellar is a solid film and a natural continuation of Nolan’s established themes. The difference in effects work between Inception and the climax of Interstellar feels like a step forward, feels like he’s getting closer to visually realizing what these worlds look like in his head, and that bodes well for future work. I just hope that wherever he goes next he leaves the organ behind – it worked with Inception but in Interstellar it feels heavy, leaden, obtrusive and intrusive. Not that a heavy score isn’t in order here… I feel the desired effect could have been achieved without the use of the instrument that practically carried Inception.

Interstellar is long, more fiction than science, and offers a chilling glimpse into an all-too-likely end of the world scenario – global death by starvation and how that shapes the priorities of the state. That’s ultimately background to an investigation of both sides of a blinged out time travel story. It’s very nearly Mad Max: A Space Odyssey – a film that manages to blend together a realistic collapse of civilization with a Hail Mary that works because physics has been reformatted to fit your screen. Hints at posthumanity – altogether more interesting than the execrably dull post-human Johnny Depp Nolan EPed between Batman 3: UPMC and Interstellar – could be interpreted as A Wizard Did It, or, in my opinion, as a modern take on the intelligence behind the Monolith in 2001 and 2010. Future pan-dimensional humans enabling the guy from Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation to fulfill a species-saving pre-destination paradox? It’s better than you’d think.

I enjoyed it enough to recommend it to anyone who’s enjoyed Nolan’s non-Batman films – it’s entertaining, and while I’d shy away from calling it deep it’s certainly deeper than anything else on the silver screen at the moment.

Iron Sky 2: Iron Skyer

06:31 < xeno> holy shit they made an Iron Sky 2
07:00 < ejp> …why?
07:00 < xeno> ejp: because there are people like mdxi and solios in the world who watch bad shit on purpose
07:01 < xeno> worse, people who love the Asylum movies, and things like Sharknado, or Technocroc vs Hexaoctopus or whatever
07:25 < mdxi> nice tits
09:12 < solios> xeno: fuck that noise
09:13 < solios> the first one was shitawful; the only good thing about it was the marketing
09:13 < solios> which promised something that absolutely was not delivered
09:23 < solios> (I’ll never watch the sequel and I am never watching anything else by that production team)
09:26 < xeno> huh
09:26 < xeno> solios: i was somehow under the impression that you loved Iron Sky
09:27 < solios> no
09:27 < solios> I hated it so much I blogged about it
09:27 < xeno> awesome
09:27 < xeno> lol
09:28 < xeno> solios: you apparently even called the sequel…
09:28 < xeno> (sarah palin overdrive)++
09:29 < solios> like I said, imagine that idea only somehow *not* funny

Interstellar (before)

The special effects were breathtaking. Outstanding. But they can’t carry a movie with leaden dialogue, obvious foreshadowing, ham-fisted philosophy, and a serious but misguided attempt to be deep. And a lot of the critical details in the plot were a mishmash of ideas that made no sense.

Okay so it’s exactly like every other Christopher Nolan movie, then.

Having watched his Batman trilogy (three case examples of obvious foreshadowing), The Prestige (leaden dialogue), and Inception (leaden dialogue on top of ham-fisted philosophy and a serious but misguided attempt to be deep) I expect “Interstellar” to exhibit all of these qualities. And more, as the trailer sells it as being a profound, epically epic epic of epic epicness that something something mumble handwave about the human condition, or something. I tuned out after the first VFX shot in order to prevent expectations from forming. I’m so starved for halfway decent sci-fi-as-in-spaceships that I’ll be watching Matthew McConaughey In Spaaaace tomorrow, not for some screenwriter’s idea of Profound Insight but because it’s Matthew McConaughey. IN SPAAAAACE.

I’m expecting nothing else from Interstellar. I know better. I was raised with expectations and hype and George Lucas crushed them both – since The Phantom Menace shit on my soul I ignore hype, rarely read advance reviews, and I’ve taken to leaving my expectations on the floor where they belong. I expect hollywood movies to be buckets of chromed shit and they usually are – if they’re anything else, I’m pleasantly surprised. If I expected hollywood to have accurate physics I’d also have to expect hollywood to present accurate portrayals of cops, doctors, kids, transforming robots from outer space, and so on. I’d have to acknowledge that it’s highly unlikely that the aliens in Independence Day had a computer network that spoke appletalk, and where’s the fun in THAT?

I consider the fact that I’ve been unable to adapt this attitude to the rest of my life to be a personal failing.

Frankly the only way Interstellar could disappoint me is if the VFX team fails to remove the UPMC logo from any exterior shots – seeing their logo feces rubbed all over the third Batman movie was a terrible reminder of just how inescapable they are and I don’t think I could handle the idea of UPMC IN SPAAAAACE.


01:55 <@Muta_work> I am 100% the worst CSSist
01:55 < solios> I could happily do fuckelse for a paycheck
01:55 < solios> but I’ve never seen a job listing that just wants that
01:55 < solios> they always want minimum 5 years C#, javascript, doesn’t give toothy head, etc
01:56 <@Muta_work> No one knows what or why it says that.
01:56 < solios> yeah, I’ve been told to just lie on the application/resume and learn on the job
01:57 < solios> I did that previously; I don’t recommend it.
01:57 <@Muta_work> It’s fine
01:57 <@Muta_work> I literally know nothing.
01:57 <@Muta_work> And it works out
01:57 < solios> O.o
01:57 < solios> When this became clear to me I started to wonder if it applied to other fields.
01:57 < solios> And realized immediately that it did.
01:58 <@Muta_work> Scary, right?
01:58 < solios> It was up there with realizing that life is a thing that ends
01:59 <@Muta_work> I’m almost universally certain that everything that keeps anyone safe or alive has something in it that was constructed to some extent with “uh, I don’t know, but this will probably work” in mind

09:12 < ejp> solios: yeah. I’ve had to tell my wife that several times about roads/bridges/etc
09:13 < ejp> “yeah, no. “design” is mostly “eh, that looks good””
09:13 < ejp> I still get a bit O_O when I just pick a random number for things, it gets built that way, and it works

15:40 < mdxi> so, uh, the Antares launching tonight just blew up

15:40 < mdxi> basically right on top of the pad
15:40 < solios> O_O
15:40 < xeno> uh oh
15:40 < xeno> anyone hurt?
15:40 < esch> RIP

15:40 < fagbot> YouTube: Antares Rocket explodes!
15:40 < esch> nah it was unmanned
15:41 < mdxi> nasa wallops says “significant property damage”
15:41 < mdxi> which, of course
15:41 < solios> oohhhhhh fuck
15:41 < solios> :O
15:41 < esch> I love the spinny bits from the explosion
15:42 < ejp> http://blogs.nasa.gov/orbital/2014/10/28/crs-3s-cargo/
15:42 < ejp> anyway, that’s a list of the cargo that, uh, isn’t. anymore.
15:43 < solios> :|
15:43 < mdxi> On the 28th of October 2014 on an unmanned resupply mission, an Antares rocket carrying Cygnus CRS Orb-3 exploded six seconds into launching. There was significant property damage, but no casualties. MAHOOSIVE EXPLOSIONS AND THAT.
15:43 < mdxi> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antares_(rocket)#Explosion
15:46 < mdxi> one of those NK-33s blew the fuck up
15:46 < mdxi> says my amateur analysis of watching the video 9 times in a row

15:50 < mdxi> the arkyd-3 was on that rocket

15:50 < mdxi> also, understatement misson control style time
15:50 < mdxi> https://twitter.com/OrbitalSciences/status/527225682414567424
15:51 < mdxi> then, not to be outdone
15:51 < mdxi> https://twitter.com/NASA/status/527230771837542400

Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things.

21:36 < solios> fagbot: doot going back to the unified look
21:36 < solios> !

Following a new build of ATC and continued struggles with dmh I’ve re-implemented the mercury 2004.2.3 design as noise and loc 2014.1. The loc site has a few minor differences from the noise site but otherwise they’re 99% identical. It’s been a little over a year since their WordPress conversions, and I’ve built a few sites since then. Some of them more than once. I’ve gotten faster. “A useable theme in less than two days” faster.

Not that I had much of a choice in the matter. The October 2013 migration was planned. Thoroughly. I planned the shit out of that operation – in roughly a month I moved two movable type installs containing a dozen or so blogs into a WordPress site with custom post types and a WordPress multi-site. The focus was on the transition – getting content laid in, getting an initial round of themes adapted. While I started fresh with ATC the initial themes for Noise and LOC were both edits of the existing Twenty Eleven CSS. In this case I took a page from ATC and tossed the CSS, starting fresh with a CSS reset. I kept some alignment bits and the ATC scrollbar and text select markup but not much else.

Mercury 2004.2.3 was built with tables and primitive CSS and was easily reimplemented with modern techniques. The design is intentionally retro and the minimalism is reflected on the backend – there’s a menu. No sidebars, no widgets. Anything I’d do with widgets is done in the noise archives, which is also the loc archives. The menu does sidebar in a wide viewport, but only after I tried a few different approaches aimed at keeping it inline. Outline works. I dunno if it’s better but better wasn’t the actual goal – the goal was to re-unify loc and noise with a modern version of the final mercury interface. That’s the last time they were integrated – when deadcityradio.org spun up loc moved from a mercury subdirectory to a dcr subdomain, got a new look, and stayed forked for a decade or so. Now it’s unforked. Now it’s spooned. Continue reading

Curse of the xenino

[23.11.31] < mdxi> at least the pirates beat the braves (due to an error in the 9th)
[23.11.45] < solios> is that good?
[23.12.00] < mdxi> it is if you’re a pirates fan
[23.12.05] < mdxi> or hate the braves
[23.13.24] < solios> word
[23.15.53] < xeno> Meanwhile the fucking Phillies are in the cellar.
[23.16.01] < xeno> I’ve already taken public responsibility.
[23.16.18] < xeno> I started watching them in 2008, and gradually grew to actually enjoy watching baseball, and following shit.
[23.16.32] < xeno> And ever since, they’ve been straight into the shitter, with this season being the absolute worst they’ve ever had.
[23.17.01] < solios> \o/
[23.17.09] < solios> that’s what you get for liking things
[23.17.38] < xeno> yarly
[23.17.48] < xeno> The Steelers have gotten progressively worse too.

[10.02.31] < xeno> goddammit
[10.02.35] < xeno> http://overtimenation.com/steelers-rbs-leveon-bell-legarrette-blount-charged-marijuana-possession/
[10.02.37] < xeno> solios: see?
[10.03.31] < xeno> asdfjk
[10.03.32] < xeno> http://www.southsideshirts.com/guys/roll-the-blount
[10.03.34] < xeno> that didn’t take long
[10.11.56] < solios> uh.
[10.13.55] < xeno> fagbot: doot the curse of the xeno
[10.13.56] < fagbot> I’d very much like to purchase this Britney Spears doll and some lipstick so I can properly suck cock and get AIDS & die before my 21st birthday.

Stand By For Goatfall

[10.40.36] < xeno> http://steamcommunity.com/games/265930/announcements/detail/1695916337353156299
[10.40.40] < xeno> Best patch notes ever.
[10.47.53] < solios> jkfdshj
[10.48.09] =-= solios has changed the topic to “Stand by for Goatfall ”
[10.48.20] < xeno> :D
[10.48.25] < esch> is that a titanfall reference
[10.48.32] < ejp> or Skyfall
[10.48.41] < esch> o
[10.48.43] < xeno> probably
[10.49.01] < xeno> solios: i’m inclined to get the game just because of those patch notes
[10.49.06] < solios> !
[10.49.11] < solios> I upvoted it
[10.49.18] < xeno> if it drops to 5 or less during sale, i probably will
[10.49.19] < solios> [object Object]
[10.49.29] < xeno> :o
[10.49.35] < xeno> object Objects are pretty good
[10.49.45] < solios> © Killed PC gaming
[10.49.47] < solios> kjsflhgjkdfh
[10.52.01] < esch> solios: friend me on steam, I’ll buy it for you.
[10.52.19] < solios> O_o
[10.53.10] < solios> invite sent
[10.53.12] < solios> :D

[11.03.18] < solios> jkfhgsjkfdhg
[11.03.24] < solios> I AM A GOATHAVER
[11.03.26] < solios> esch++
[11.03.28] < solios> esch++
[11.03.28] < solios> esch++
[11.03.29] < solios> esch++
[11.03.29] < solios> esch++
[11.03.31] < solios> esch++
[11.03.34] < solios> esch++
[11.03.34] < esch> heh
[11.03.36] < solios> esch++
[11.03.39] < solios> esch++
[11.03.41] < solios> esch++
[11.03.44] < solios> esch++
[11.03.46] < solios> esch++
[11.03.49] < solios> <3 <3 <3
[11.04.09] < xeno> \o/
[11.04.17] < xeno> THE GOAT HAS FALLEN
[11.04.56] < solios> :>
[11.05.16] < solios> I’ll have to cue it for download while I’m zonked so I can simulate a goat tonight
[11.05.26] < xeno> :x
[11.05.46] < solios> :D
[11.05.59] < ejp> I think we all read that as ‘stimulate’
[11.06.21] < esch> man that sentence is the greatest achievement in English


19:43 < xeno> Along with her GPU, mrs_xeno got a code for a free copy of Watch Dogs
19:43 < xeno> trying to convince her she won’t like it and should give the code to me :D
19:44 < solios> irta watch dongs
19:44 < solios> which makes your followup a bit funnier
19:44 < solios> >.>
19:49 < mdxi> i dunno about you guys, but the image search results i get for “watchdongs” are just flat-out baffling
19:49 * solios looks
19:49 < solios> no I did not mean watch dogs
19:49 < solios> er.


19:49 < solios> mdxi: what.
19:50 < solios> mdxi: IDI AMIN
19:50 < solios> wtf.
19:50 < solios> I don’t even
19:50 < mdxi> i have absolutely no idea. Red Spy. A lady picking her nose. Several ICs. Ellen deGeneres with an eyepatch.
19:51 < mdxi> is it a secret code?
19:51 < ejp> that’s some impressive random