01:03 <@xeno_druxx0r> I'm a goddamned genius.

01:03 < @xeno_druxx0r> Why didn't someone tell me?

15:40 < mdxi> so, uh, the Antares launching tonight just blew up

15:40 < mdxi> basically right on top of the pad
15:40 < solios> O_O
15:40 < xeno> uh oh
15:40 < xeno> anyone hurt?
15:40 < esch> RIP

15:40 < fagbot> YouTube: Antares Rocket explodes!
15:40 < esch> nah it was unmanned
15:41 < mdxi> nasa wallops says “significant property damage”
15:41 < mdxi> which, of course
15:41 < solios> oohhhhhh fuck
15:41 < solios> :O
15:41 < esch> I love the spinny bits from the explosion
15:42 < ejp> http://blogs.nasa.gov/orbital/2014/10/28/crs-3s-cargo/
15:42 < ejp> anyway, that’s a list of the cargo that, uh, isn’t. anymore.
15:43 < solios> :|
15:43 < mdxi> On the 28th of October 2014 on an unmanned resupply mission, an Antares rocket carrying Cygnus CRS Orb-3 exploded six seconds into launching. There was significant property damage, but no casualties. MAHOOSIVE EXPLOSIONS AND THAT.
15:43 < mdxi> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antares_(rocket)#Explosion
15:46 < mdxi> one of those NK-33s blew the fuck up
15:46 < mdxi> says my amateur analysis of watching the video 9 times in a row

15:50 < mdxi> the arkyd-3 was on that rocket

15:50 < mdxi> also, understatement misson control style time
15:50 < mdxi> https://twitter.com/OrbitalSciences/status/527225682414567424
15:51 < mdxi> then, not to be outdone
15:51 < mdxi> https://twitter.com/NASA/status/527230771837542400

Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things.

21:36 < solios> fagbot: doot going back to the unified look
21:36 < solios> !

Following a new build of ATC and continued struggles with dmh I’ve re-implemented the mercury 2004.2.3 design as noise and loc 2014.1. The loc site has a few minor differences from the noise site but otherwise they’re 99% identical. It’s been a little over a year since their WordPress conversions, and I’ve built a few sites since then. Some of them more than once. I’ve gotten faster. “A useable theme in less than two days” faster.

Not that I had much of a choice in the matter. The October 2013 migration was planned. Thoroughly. I planned the shit out of that operation – in roughly a month I moved two movable type installs containing a dozen or so blogs into a WordPress site with custom post types and a WordPress multi-site. The focus was on the transition – getting content laid in, getting an initial round of themes adapted. While I started fresh with ATC the initial themes for Noise and LOC were both edits of the existing Twenty Eleven CSS. In this case I took a page from ATC and tossed the CSS, starting fresh with a CSS reset. I kept some alignment bits and the ATC scrollbar and text select markup but not much else.

Mercury 2004.2.3 was built with tables and primitive CSS and was easily reimplemented with modern techniques. The design is intentionally retro and the minimalism is reflected on the backend – there’s a menu. No sidebars, no widgets. Anything I’d do with widgets is done in the noise archives, which is also the loc archives. The menu does sidebar in a wide viewport, but only after I tried a few different approaches aimed at keeping it inline. Outline works. I dunno if it’s better but better wasn’t the actual goal – the goal was to re-unify loc and noise with a modern version of the final mercury interface. That’s the last time they were integrated – when deadcityradio.org spun up loc moved from a mercury subdirectory to a dcr subdomain, got a new look, and stayed forked for a decade or so. Now it’s unforked. Now it’s spooned. Continue reading

Curse of the xenino

[23.11.31] < mdxi> at least the pirates beat the braves (due to an error in the 9th)
[23.11.45] < solios> is that good?
[23.12.00] < mdxi> it is if you’re a pirates fan
[23.12.05] < mdxi> or hate the braves
[23.13.24] < solios> word
[23.15.53] < xeno> Meanwhile the fucking Phillies are in the cellar.
[23.16.01] < xeno> I’ve already taken public responsibility.
[23.16.18] < xeno> I started watching them in 2008, and gradually grew to actually enjoy watching baseball, and following shit.
[23.16.32] < xeno> And ever since, they’ve been straight into the shitter, with this season being the absolute worst they’ve ever had.
[23.17.01] < solios> \o/
[23.17.09] < solios> that’s what you get for liking things
[23.17.38] < xeno> yarly
[23.17.48] < xeno> The Steelers have gotten progressively worse too.

[10.02.31] < xeno> goddammit
[10.02.35] < xeno> http://overtimenation.com/steelers-rbs-leveon-bell-legarrette-blount-charged-marijuana-possession/
[10.02.37] < xeno> solios: see?
[10.03.31] < xeno> asdfjk
[10.03.32] < xeno> http://www.southsideshirts.com/guys/roll-the-blount
[10.03.34] < xeno> that didn’t take long
[10.11.56] < solios> uh.
[10.13.55] < xeno> fagbot: doot the curse of the xeno
[10.13.56] < fagbot> I’d very much like to purchase this Britney Spears doll and some lipstick so I can properly suck cock and get AIDS & die before my 21st birthday.

Stand By For Goatfall

[10.40.36] < xeno> http://steamcommunity.com/games/265930/announcements/detail/1695916337353156299
[10.40.40] < xeno> Best patch notes ever.
[10.47.53] < solios> jkfdshj
[10.48.09] =-= solios has changed the topic to “Stand by for Goatfall ”
[10.48.20] < xeno> :D
[10.48.25] < esch> is that a titanfall reference
[10.48.32] < ejp> or Skyfall
[10.48.41] < esch> o
[10.48.43] < xeno> probably
[10.49.01] < xeno> solios: i’m inclined to get the game just because of those patch notes
[10.49.06] < solios> !
[10.49.11] < solios> I upvoted it
[10.49.18] < xeno> if it drops to 5 or less during sale, i probably will
[10.49.19] < solios> [object Object]
[10.49.29] < xeno> :o
[10.49.35] < xeno> object Objects are pretty good
[10.49.45] < solios> © Killed PC gaming
[10.49.47] < solios> kjsflhgjkdfh
[10.52.01] < esch> solios: friend me on steam, I’ll buy it for you.
[10.52.19] < solios> O_o
[10.53.10] < solios> invite sent
[10.53.12] < solios> :D

[11.03.18] < solios> jkfhgsjkfdhg
[11.03.24] < solios> I AM A GOATHAVER
[11.03.26] < solios> esch++
[11.03.28] < solios> esch++
[11.03.28] < solios> esch++
[11.03.29] < solios> esch++
[11.03.29] < solios> esch++
[11.03.31] < solios> esch++
[11.03.34] < solios> esch++
[11.03.34] < esch> heh
[11.03.36] < solios> esch++
[11.03.39] < solios> esch++
[11.03.41] < solios> esch++
[11.03.44] < solios> esch++
[11.03.46] < solios> esch++
[11.03.49] < solios> <3 <3 <3
[11.04.09] < xeno> \o/
[11.04.17] < xeno> THE GOAT HAS FALLEN
[11.04.56] < solios> :>
[11.05.16] < solios> I’ll have to cue it for download while I’m zonked so I can simulate a goat tonight
[11.05.26] < xeno> :x
[11.05.46] < solios> :D
[11.05.59] < ejp> I think we all read that as ‘stimulate’
[11.06.21] < esch> man that sentence is the greatest achievement in English


19:43 < xeno> Along with her GPU, mrs_xeno got a code for a free copy of Watch Dogs
19:43 < xeno> trying to convince her she won’t like it and should give the code to me :D
19:44 < solios> irta watch dongs
19:44 < solios> which makes your followup a bit funnier
19:44 < solios> >.>
19:49 < mdxi> i dunno about you guys, but the image search results i get for “watchdongs” are just flat-out baffling
19:49 * solios looks
19:49 < solios> no I did not mean watch dogs
19:49 < solios> er.


19:49 < solios> mdxi: what.
19:50 < solios> mdxi: IDI AMIN
19:50 < solios> wtf.
19:50 < solios> I don’t even
19:50 < mdxi> i have absolutely no idea. Red Spy. A lady picking her nose. Several ICs. Ellen deGeneres with an eyepatch.
19:51 < mdxi> is it a secret code?
19:51 < ejp> that’s some impressive random


16:22 < solios> xeno: Boss has a certain vitriol to it that house of cards hasn’t even heard of and doesn’t even try for
21:54 < solios> xeno: also they apparently resurrected Dave and got him to write the sex scenes for Boss.
22:08 < ejp> you hate sex in TV/movies though
22:08 < ejp> I’m pretty sure you hate sex as a concept
22:08 < solios> I do
22:08 < solios> but there’s inoffensive sex and offensive ex
22:08 < solios> SEX even
22:08 < solios> also exes
22:08 < ejp> uh huh
22:09 < solios> coerced oral has in fact Ended relationships. I fucking hate that shit and have no tolerance for it as a fictional device for obvious reasons.
22:13 < ejp> there’s safe, sane, and consentual power play, there’s encouraging, and there’s non-consenual.
22:13 < ejp> the lines between them of course are blurry as shit
22:13 < solios> yes
22:13 < solios> and any thing that looks like any of it goes in the NO box
22:13 < ejp> ah.
22:13 < solios> this means my sex life is cautious and boring :P
22:13 < ejp> indeed. :)
22:14 < solios> it also means I have to repeatedly explain to people into BDSM (apparently THE REST OF THE FUCKING POPULATION) that I don’t need it explained to me, I’m not interested in it, I won’t engage in it, KEEP THAT SHIT AWAY FROM ME etc.
22:14 < ejp> that’s totally fine BTW. lots of girls have no issue with vanilla, or prefer their kink of the physical or non-mental species
22:15 < ejp> it *is* possible to seperate with S&M from the D/s, but very few do
22:16 < ejp> speaking of
22:16 * ejp toddles off
22:37 < solios> heh
22:37 < solios> I’m not into any of it
22:37 < solios> the outfits are just shorthand for the rest of it
22:37 < solios> makes it real easy to avoid
05:16 < ejp> solios: if you think that everyone into kink goes around dressed at al differently you’re going to have a bad time
07:22 < xeno> ejp: solios just has a bad time, in general.
07:23 < xeno> being asexual,or At Best, quasisexual, in a very sexual world, is a large part of what has damaged his brain so badly for the past 35 years
16:31 < solios> ejp: oh; re: outfits. Ever been to goth night? The dress code is like star trek uniforms. You can tell what a person’s into just by looking at them.


07:41 < xeno> “Now for the bad news: alongside Community, NBC also canceled Revolution, Growing Up Fisher, Believe, and Crisis.”
07:43 < ejp> I see no bad news there
08:00 < mdxi> i wish someone would cancel tv
08:25 < solios> Community was good
08:25 < solios> Revolution never should have made it past the pilot
08:29 < solios> I seem to have resolved the display issue
08:29 < solios> turn o nthe primary first and it comes up correctly
08:30 < xeno> solios: from what i’ve seen of fan reactions, community got really crappy in the last two seasons
08:31 < xeno> I’ve watched it a few times; it’s on at 10pm weekdays on one of the channels
08:31 < xeno> Sometimes it’s hilarious, most of the time it’s funny, occasionally it’s crap and i turn it off
08:31 * xeno goes outside
08:31 < solios> I didn’t hate s4 but it wasn’t as good as 1-3
08:32 < xeno> solios: are neither of us bothered that both of us like the show
08:32 < solios> no
08:32 < xeno> a show that really we should Loathe?
08:32 < xeno> it’s, like, everything we hate
08:32 * xeno blames the flag
08:32 < solios> it was OM only with a gay dean instead of diane
08:32 < xeno> alskdjfha;sljdhfgiauwseorhgaerdjfshbga
08:32 < xeno> holy fuck
08:32 < xeno> It totally is!
08:32 < solios> see?
08:32 < fagbot> FUCK YEAH
08:33 < xeno> fagbot: botsanka
08:33 < xeno> o_o
08:33 < solios> :D
08:33 < xeno> fagbot: botfolgers :P
08:33 < fagbot> P is for Plan 9. or for PegasOS or for pink or for people’s or for pants or for wangs or Pabst
08:33 < xeno> O_O
08:33 * xeno actually goes outside for real

The post about vehicles in Team Fortress 2.

10:40 < xeno> The problem is the people, really.
10:40 < xeno> Stalker Online would be awesome if everyone playing was there to play Stalker Online
10:40 < xeno> But most of them are going to be there to be assholes
10:41 < solios> yeah
10:41 * solios whistfully whistfuls about WET for a moment
10:42 < xeno> WET++
10:42 < xeno> I missed vehicles, but it was great nonetheless
10:42 < xeno> Then there was ET:QW :|
10:42 < solios> ftn
10:42 < xeno> And it *had* vehicles.
10:42 < xeno> It was utter crap.
10:43 < solios> yeah, well
10:43 < solios> the in-game bits were based on q4
10:43 < xeno> Really, the last good online shooter afaic was bf1942 with the Eve of Destruction mod
10:43 < solios> so.
10:43 < xeno> everything since has sucked
10:43 < solios> heh.
10:43 < xeno> tf2 notwithstanding
10:43 < xeno> that’s a different type of game, more an arcade than anything
10:44 < solios> I guess this is the part where I paste “I’d enjoy multiplayer if it were possible to play against people that played it as often as I do (eg almost never) instead of fat suburban neckbeards that don’t do anything else.”
10:44 < xeno> and tf3 should have vehicles too dammit
10:44 < xeno> even with the corny atmosphere of tf2
10:44 < solios> tf2++
10:44 < xeno> The scout would get a mountain bike.
10:44 < solios> even if I haven’t played it in forever
10:44 < xeno> With scythes on the sides like old chariots
10:44 < solios> spy would get a vespa
10:44 < xeno> als;kdfj;as
10:45 < xeno> YES.

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Following up:

20:57 < mdxi> TOAST REPORT: Laura: the bread was homemade, it was DELICIOUS, better than any bread you can get from most bakeries
20:58 < mdxi> Laura: they toast the bread in a regular slot toaster
20:58 < mdxi> Laura: and then they absolutely FROST the top with butter, and then dump a sahara of cinnamon on top
20:58 < mdxi> Laura: they also take the knife and poke holes in the bread after slathering it with butter, to get the butter to melt
20:58 < mdxi> Laura: was it tasty?
20:58 < mdxi> Laura: yes
20:58 < mdxi> Laura: would I go back? yes
20:58 < mdxi> Laura: would I order the toast? yes. but maybe light on the butter.
20:58 < mdxi> Laura: the bread totally made up for it
21:02 < ejp> \o/
21:04 < ejp> good cinnamon toast is a marvelous thing
21:06 < mdxi> now we can tell esch that while hipsters may be all over it, it’s quite good toast
21:06 < mdxi> also, the coffee is good

Day changed to 23 Mar 2014

07:58 < esch> thanks guys, now I have a toast-on.

Ted Cruz

18:53 < solios> fagbot: Cruz is also a four-letter word for gayness
18:53 < fagbot> OK, solios
18:53 < xeno> ejp: I also have pickled cipollini onions
18:53 < xeno> they seemed like a good idea at the time
18:53 < solios> fagbot: Ted Cruz is also a 7-letter word for small, squeezy boobs
18:53 < fagbot> OK, solios
18:53 < xeno> solios: since the federd;lakjfsdlkajhsdf
18:53 < xeno> asasdkflhgnedjn
18:53 < xeno> fdjhk
18:54 < xeno> sfo
18:54 < xeno> l
18:54 < xeno> .
18:55 < solios> xeno: go on, finish your thought.
18:55 < xeno> ,
18:56 < xeno> aaaaaand, tits
18:56 < xeno> *badumdum*